Head office:
Kozanis 5, 66100, Drama, Greece
tel: +30 25210 46966, +30 25210 46881
Fax: +30 25210 559577

Packaging site:
Perithori, 66033, Kato Neurokopi
tel: +30 25230 31210
Fax: +30 25230 31216



Ath. Liakopoulos – Aik. Gaitatzi Koutkou ABGEE, was founded on 1993 in Drama and began operation under the name “Agricultural Center of Drama” specializing in sales of agricultural supplies. Focusing on the needs of Greek farmers, the company experienced a rising trajectory, currently placing it among the market leaders in Drama and the greater area.

On 2006, the company expanded its operations, entering the field of sorting and packaging fresh potato. Subsequently, a model sorting facility was founded in Kato Neurokopi, near Drama. In a privately owned 28300 m2 (304618.664 ft2) area, a 3400 m2 (36597.295 ft2) site was built, housing storage, refrigeration, offices, dining and resting areas for employees. The packaging facility entails 650 m2 (6996.541 ft2) of fully refrigerated spaces where a total of 600,000 kgr of fresh potato can be stored, while the storage capacity of the sorting facility is 2,000,000 kgr of fresh potato.

ALKA packaging facility received a EUREPGAP (no. EUROCERT/1039/2007) certification in 2007. In 2008, it received the GLOBAGAP GR IFA 3.0 (no. CERT-00003-84992) certification, while in 2009 it was certified for safe food handling with ISO 22000:2005 (no. 183/Τ/2009).


The goal and primary objective of our company is to present the market with its quality products. Our potatoes are from Kato Neurokopi (Protected Geographical Indication, PGI) and Drama, are certified and under constant inspection throughout every step, from planting to distribution.

Aiming at continuous improvement and meeting customer and social needs, ALKA is bound to offer high quality products, checked and free of any trace of pesticides.

From planting to distribution, the potatoes are thoroughly inspected by the company’s specialized agronomists, ensuring the certification rules are followed to the letter. Products for plant protection are only used if they are approved for potatoes according to the special tables from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. Their use is vigorously controlled to ensure that our products are free of any trace. To that end, the company sends pre-harvest interval samples for inspection.


  • 25 years of experience in cultivation of potatoes
  • Emphasis in final product quality
  • Packaging that is attractive to consumers
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Quality certification and inspections for pesticide traces


The company is steadily opening up to new investments. Acquiring new sorting and packaging machinery as well as the expansion of the refrigerators, are the first steps in the predetermined course of growth and step-up of ALKA S.A.’s services.

With respect and responsibility to its clients, the company is growing to meet the demands of modern markets.

Our company believes in the power of packaged products. It is only the packaged product that can prove its Identity, its Certification and ultimately, its Quality.


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